Pushing boundaries and reflecting

Pushing boundaries and taking time to reflect is something that I encourage. Rarely do I practice this myself! 

Welcome to my first Garrett Learning blog. Why now? January 2021 celebrates six months in business. I want to reflect on this by pushing my own personal boundary. Since week one of Garrett Learning action planning I said I would write a blog. Conveniently something always got in the way and didn’t get around to it, so here goes!

2020, what a year for everyone! I am a huge believer that everything happens for a reason. After being made redundant in May, buying a lockdown bike then falling off it with an injury that prevented me from driving to job interviews, I carried on smiling. I found myself faced with an opportunity to deliver Mental Health Training virtually and off I went! It’s great that I can still make a difference to people’s lives from the comfort of my home.  

People have always been an important focus in my life, 2020 taught me that anything is possible. Having a positive outlook on life as well as a great support network around you is so important. Surround yourself with positive people who will encourage only the very best for you. I’m so thankful to my ex-colleagues, acquaintances, family, friends and my husband who have supported me in the next chapter in life. I know I am extremely fortunate and very lucky.

I will start this year as I mean to go on, another blog will follow in due course! I look forward to branching out into different directions in 2021 by partnering with organisations. I very much look forward to the day when we can meet face to face and the words ‘you are on mute’ become a distant memory.

6 thoughts on “Pushing boundaries and reflecting

  1. Nice piece, Wendy!
    Hoping for a lot of people to find positivity and optimism as we (hopefully) depart the COVID world!


    1. Thank you for your comments! I do try to always wear my big positive pants. Sometimes I get caught up in negative thoughts and try to address them as soon as I can. Good luck and you can always ping me a message for a pick me up message 🙂


  2. Your positivity in life is always inspiring to me! Keep on succeeding, you’ve achieved so much already let’s see what this year brings for you and Garrett Learning!


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