Muhammad Ali – “Don’t count the days, make the days count”

I set myself a goal to post a blog once a month. It didn’t take long for that to slip! I am only on blog number three. I understand why I’ve been a bit slack!  

I received some feedback saying I’m extremely positive, almost too positive sometimes. It started to feel wrong that I was bright and cheery whilst in a pandemic. I toned my approach down and tried to find a balance. I respect and appreciate that everyone’s journey though life is different.

During my training sessions, I encourage people to ‘bring their whole self’ to work. Whoever we are, whatever we’re experiencing, share it, talk about it, everyone has has a unique background and experience. There were many social media posts saying ‘it is ok to not be ok’. Here I am, hiding myself away because of my happier outlook on life. Then a friend shared a post ‘it is ok to be ok’. I needed to read that.

It took a few months to really figure out why my glass is pretty much full. It is simply because I’m alive. 

In 2007 I received some news that my cousin had been involved in a terrible accident and he died. I was devastated. Aged 32, he was too young to die. Since that day I live my life the way I do because he is not able to. 

Whatever our journey/purpose is in life, we only get one chance to live it. I’m going to make sure I enjoy it as much as possible and bring my whole positive self into work.

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