Leadership in Action

The Leadership in Action program is made up of Learning Chapters to start a leadership journey of growth and personal development. 

Each Chapter is a 60 minute interactive session that will encourage change, provoke thought and raise self awareness.

Pick n Mix Chapters: 

  1. Introduction to Management  V Leadership (Mandatory)
  2. Knowing your and your team (profiling) (Suggested)
  3. Communicating as a leader 
  4. Be a better leader
  5. Leading effective teams 
  6. People Development
  7. Managing your time as a leader
  8. Leading remotely
  9. Promote wellbeing and resilience within your team as a leader.
  10. Being an inclusive leader
  11. Workplace wellbeing
  12. Leadership conversations
  13. Our unconscious Bias

Working in partnership with your organisation and people we will discover the focus areas of your business and build a program to meet your needs. 

Delegates will be encouraged to identify their own learning needs & take ownership of their learning journey which will be underpinned with 1:1 coaching. Be More Balanced Coaching and Garrett Learning will support delegates to develop and change the way they lead by raising  awareness of the delegates leadership capabilities through core skills, practice and reflection.

Want to know more? Please contact Wendy Garrett or Zandria Barclay to discover how this leadership journey will benefit you and your team. 

E: wendy@garrettlearning.co.uk        

M:07859 878 599 

W: http://www.garrettlearning.co.uk

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