Online Adult Mental Health First Aid

The course was well structured and well paced. The delivery from Wendy and Jess was professional, sensitive and knowledgeable. The course materials were also very good. I felt that 4 half day sessions worked really well when covering some very emotionally challenging subject matter. Online Cohort 7th to 10th September 2020.

An enjoyable course with really good content. I thought the Hub was a very good tool and challenged me to explore the workbook and videos to find and understand the answers. This was backed up by the trainers who built on the knowledge and increased understanding. Online cohort 13-16th July 2020.

The course was insightful and interactive despite being delivered on an online platform. It was fantastic and it still allowed for rapport and discussions of all delegates which I really appreciated. Jess and Wendy were both very helpful, clear in making us feel safe and supported and engaged with our shared experiences and questions.I would 100% recommend this course to anyone. Online cohort 22-25th June 2020. 

Two-Day Adult Mental Health First Aid

This course is a great introduction to mental health. As a physical first aider this course complements my knowledge and has helped me understand different types of mental ill health. I am now more understanding of others and able to offer support and encourage people to get the help they need. Polly Shaw, Sales Assistant, Tesco. 

I recently had the opportunity to attend a mental health first aid course. The course covered a large range of topics and gave so much information by text and practical skill. The course was run by Wendy who was knowledgeable and confident in content delivery and had a huge amount of empathy, understanding and compassion when dealing with sensitive issues around our learning. The skills I have been equipped with on completion of the course I use daily. I am particularly aware of the importance of listening when others want to talk, a flaw I didn’t see I had before doing this. Thank you Wendy. Highly recommended. Kirsty Culloty, Health Carer & Hospitality Assistant

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